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High School Club Basketball Program In Littleton, Colorado

About Us

Individual and Group Training

Grind Time Hoops LLC based out of Littleton, Colorado offers unique training programs to insure athletes improve their game on and off the court. The Grind Time Hoops motto is "Trust The Process." At Grind Time Hoops the process is everything and believing is everything. With our competitive team, state of the art equipment, and overall basketball IQ, we are confident that our effort and commitment truly makes a difference in the lives of our athletes and we're inviting you to be a part of that.

The Family

Building strong bonds on & off the court. We play club basketball year-round, but always prioritize and take a break during High School Winter & Summer Team schedules.

2018 Schedule:

Summer & Fall Tournaments

Big Foot - Las Vegas

The Coaches

Lemar Griffin - Head Coach & Trainer

Gabe Lerma - Asst. Coach & Trainer

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Grind Time Hoops

Collegiate Academy of Colorado, 8420 Sangre De Cristo Rd, Littleton, Colorado 80127, United States

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Las Vegas 2017 Highlights